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Chalet Ski & Patio • Madison, Wisconsin
Chalet Ski & Patio – Madison, WI
Chalet Ski & Patio – Madison, WI
Chalet Ski has skis for every level and style of skier.

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This year ski manufacturers continue their never-ending quest to create faster, lighter and more responsive skis. As always, we have checked out all the new equipment and are ready to help you find skis that will help you make the most of your time on the mountain.

Chalet Ski has great cross country skis. When helping you choose your skis, our expert staff will take into account your ability level and skiing style, as well as the snow conditions where you plan to ski. Whether you are a hard-core powder hound or a beginner trying to take your skiing to the next level, we have a ski for you.

And we haven't forgotten the ladies - we have skis designed specifically for women. Lighter and softer flexing, these skis work with a woman's biomechanics to deliver better performance.

Some of the best skis we've seen are all-mountain models designed to handle any conditions Mother Nature throws your way. These skis perform equally well whether you are cruising on groomed slopes, busting through crud, or floating through deep powder. These skis are available in a variety of widths and side cuts to suit your individual needs, but what they have in common is stability at speed, excellent carving ability in firmer conditions, and enough surface area to keep you afloat off piste.

The best of this year's crop of powder skis are fat enough to float through powder, but not so wide as to make them unwieldy on groomed slopes or even in the bumps. If you are one of those folks who call in sick to work after every snow storm, then these powder skis will keep your adrenaline flowing. But even better, they have the versatility to handle a variety of conditions when the weather doesn't dump loads of fresh snow the day before you hit the slopes.

For skiers who head straight to the terrain park, we also have some great new twin tipped skis guaranteed to bring out your inner hot dog. (For the uninitiated, twin tipped skis have rounded tips front and back so they are equally at home skiing forward or backward.) This year many feature a little extra width, making them equally at home in the backcountry as on the half-pipe.

Skis today are more high tech than ever, so the importance of having the right ski-binding package has grown increasingly important. You'll find that most now offer integrated ski/binding systems designed to take full advantage of the performance characteristics of both components. That's good news, because these integrated systems make shopping for the right ski/binding combination incredibly simple.

Chalet Ski has the best boots and the best bootfitters around.

Ski Boots

Ski boots are arguably your most important equipment investment. And it's not just about comfort – though after a long day of skiing, you will appreciate properly fitted boots. The principle reason to invest in good ski boots is that you use them to control your skis. Having the right boots, with the right fit, can help you take your skiing to the next level.

Much like Goldilocks searching for the right porridge, you need ski boots that are neither too loose nor too tight, but that fit just right. Loose boots let your foot rotate as you try to turn, so you will not be able to steer the ski efficiently. Boots that are too tight can pinch and bind, making your life miserable and distracting you from the feedback you get from your skis. Tight boots can also restrict blood flow, resulting in cold feet. Let's not forget the importance of a good footbed for a superior boot fit.

Boots that fit right should be snug in the heel and toe, but not feel constricting. Depending on your ability level, they should be stiff enough to transmit energy to the ski but still provide a comfortable fit. More advanced skiers will benefit from a snugger, stiffer boot that will offer them more precise control, while beginners will be more comfortable with a softer flex in a slightly roomier boot.

Boot fitting is a science, and our expert boot fitters are the Einsteins of the profession. From custom footbeds to boot stretching & grinding our decades of experience will make the boot comfortable. Whatever your foot size or foot shape, they have the training and experience necessary to make sure you get a proper fitting boot that's suited to your ability level.

Ski Bindings

More and more skis today come with integrated bindings. The bottom line is that these packages work great for most skiers. Most - but not all. For true gear heads and other advanced skiers with specific performance requirements, we offer a complete lineup of the latest bindings.

Binding technology continues to evolve with a focus on creating safer, more reliable release mechanisms. These efforts have been hugely successful, and today's bindings are safer than ever.

But in addition to playing a crucial safety role, bindings are also a very important part of the performance picture. We can help you choose bindings to improve retention, maximize power transfer, or just smooth out your ride. We are also pleased to say that many more manufacturers are providing bindings designed specifically for women

You can count on us to help you find a binding that works for your skiing style, no matter how demanding.

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April 19, 2019